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Killeen was founded 1n 1881 by the Gulf,Colorado & Santa Fe railroad, platted as a 70 Block town on land owned by the railroad and named it after Frank P. Killeeen the assistant general manager of the railroad. In 1942 Killeen changed drastically when Camp Hood (re-commissioned in 1950 as Fort Hood) was created as a military training post  for World War ll.  Killeen is now the gateway city for Ft. Hood (The great Place).

Killeen owns an 18 hole golf course, conference center, 19 parks, two hike and bike trails, two skate parks,a disc golf course, two swimming pools,two public libraries along with the Lions Club Park Family Recreation Center, Tommie Harris Fitness Center and Family Aquatics Center.  Killeen also has twa airports. Skylark Field that serves small private planes and offers hanger services and Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Airport that services both the military and allows residents and visitors fly to and form the city on regional jets.




$90,000 – $270,000
1,1002,700 sqft
$80,000 – $200,000
1,3002,800 sqft
Yowell Ranch Neighborhood
$130,000 – $250,000
1,3004,100 sqft

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